Our Project Process

In the journey of choosing one of the most essential spaces in one’s home. Mode makes sure to turn this journey into one great experience through accompanying clients from the very beginning of choosing what they like and what suits them, what their identity is and how their kitchen speaks their language and reflects their personality. This enjoyable experience of a carefully chosen dream kitchen is led by Mode Company while guaranteeing top-notch tested quality.


The services we offer start with consultation; our specialized consultants meet with clients, discuss their visions and expectations about their future kitchens. They also get to know more about their lifestyles and link them to certain implementation, where life inside a kitchen becomes easier and memories are designed.


Our team of experienced designers are trained and prepared to join the industry through our Mode Academy, established to help our clients decide on their desired kitchen that mostly suits their personality and needs from scratch. Upon meeting them personally, our designers help them through flawless services designed for their comfort.


Setting a plan to execute the previously discussed and agreed upon services is what comes next – we set dates, we agree on the desired design, we define a delivery plan, installation process, and more. For each project, we assign a team to follow up with each client, making sure that everything lives up to their expectations and demands, such as sales and planning processes, on-time deliveries, after-sales service, and more without any deficiency. A fully fledged plan is provided by expert personnel who emphasize yet again the professionalism of Mode.


We, at Mode pride ourselves on punctuality and promptness; this being in our core values as a brand, we guarantee our clients' fast service and on-time delivery through our local transportation by our own trucks and team who knows how to deal with the packages and deliver them in implacable timing.


The kitchens are installed by trained and qualified professionals. The installation of the fitted kitchens and their individual elements is completed with the utmost of care and in accordance with the generally recognized trade regulations and the best technology available.

After Sales

The commitment Mode values are not limited to only supplying products; it continues even further, offering customers a comprehensive package of after-sales services that play a pivotal role in strengthening the bond between the company and its clients.

After-sales services are paramount and a key differentiator that distinguishes Mode from others. The company offers a 5-year warranty for manufacturing quality and functional safety on all the cabinetry manufactured by the company.

Through our showrooms' network, we listen and promptly respond to the client's different needs, the thing that gives us the drive for continuous improvement and the ability to grow stronger.